Curriculum Vitae

Paule LONNEVILLE °Bruges Belgium

Artistic background:

Academy of Fine Arts St. Lucas in Ghent. Her work bas been selected for various competitions in painting and aquarelle and can been found in a wide variety of Belgian and foreign art collections, private as well as public.

Paintings and water-colourings have for example been exhibited in:

  • “Metamorphoses” Grand Palais Paris
  • “Young Artist” New York
  • Museums of Warschau and Krakau
  • “Work on paper” in Tokyo
  • “Museum of Deinze en Leiestreek”
  • “Scharpoord” in Knokke
  • “Campo Santo”, St. Pieter abbey in Ghent
  • “Museum Elzenfeld” in Antwerps
  •  “Lineart”, Ghent
  • “Trends”, Ghent
  • “Gynaika” in Ghent
  • “Contempory Art of St.-Martens-Latem
  • “Painting art – Triennial” in St.-Martens-Latem.

The symbolics and subtlety in her colour combinations fascinate and show a strong personality with a very particular vision on the essence of painting and aquarelle.

With an accent on colouration and linear designs an enigmatic work of art is created, inspired by the world of music (A. Haelemeersch, art critic in “Latemse Kunstenaars 5-de generatie”).